Land Securities Clive Johnson and ARCA Working Together to Promote Work at Height Awareness and Behavioural Safety

In an article published in the latest issue of ARCA News, it shows how Land Securities Clive Johnson and ARCA are working together to promote ‘work at height awareness’ and ‘behavioural safety’.

 WAHOn the 10th September 2014 ARCA were visited by Clive Johnson, Land Securities Group Head of Health & Safety. Clive was visiting ARCA’s Headquarters in Burton upon Trent to meet with the ARCA Training team to demonstrate the training presentations that Land securities are currently delivering with regards to Work at Height and Safety Behaviour.

In the morning Clive spent several hours delivering the ‘work at height’ presentation. Whilst all the ARCA trainers have already attended a PASMA (Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers Association) Certificate of Competence, at user level for both Low Level and Tower categories, it was still extremely interesting to get a Clients perspective. Clive delivered a presentation which sets the standard that Land Securities demand from their own sub-contractors in relation to work at height.

Clive impressed upon the trainers the fact that falls from height remain the single biggest cause f fatalities on UK construction sites. In the afternoon Clive delivered the Land Securities ‘Safety Behaviour’ presentation that has been developed over many years and is once again delivered to Land Securities subcontractors.

The presentation is thought provoking and challenges the delegates to examine their own relationship with Safety and Health. The presentation requires the delegates to consider the life changing results that can follow from an accident at work and the affects that this can have on the quality of life of the injured worker, both physically and financially, and the corresponding effects on the injured workers family and their quality of life. The presentation impresses upon the delegates the need to follow health and safety rules, and that by taking risks by cutting corners, they are gambling with their future and their family’s future.

The presentation really hits home and convinces delegates that taking short cuts and ignoring health and safety procedures is really not worth the risk, and that too many people have already paid too high a price by either being killed or seriously injured.

Much of what was learned during the presentations will be incorporated in to ARCA’s current training programmes. Clive is keen that the health and safety messages that Land Securities are dedicated to promoting are spread far and wide, and will therefore be working with ARCA to develop the Land Securities presentations into presentations that can be offered to the ARCA members.

All the ARCA trainers were grateful to Clive for taking time out of his busy schedule to spend theday at ARCA’s headquarters. Feedback from the ARCA trainers following the presentations wasthat all of the ARCA trainers had taken a great deal from the presentations that Clive delivered on the day, both in terms of the style of delivery and the presentations content. Once again we are very grateful to Clive Johnson for his help and assistance.

The Autumn issue of ARCA News is now available to download here.

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