School safety information to be discussed at conference

A range of safety-related subjects in and out of the classroom will be discussed at a conference in Lancashire, the conference will focus on school safety.asbestos in schools

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is concerned about the large number of children and teachers studying in school buildings containing asbestos.

Teachers and educationalists will hear how they can make pupils and themselves safer at an event organised by IOSH.

The event, called Embracing Risk in Education – a Fresh Approach, has been organised jointly by IOSH’s Education and Fire Risk Management groups. It will be held at Burnley FC’s Turf Moor stadium on Wednesday November 19.

It will benefit teachers, school bursars, health and safety professionals, managers and all of those in the occupational health and safety professions.

They will hear about the best measures of managing asbestos in schools where it is present. These measures include having regular surveys and encapsulating or sealing the asbestos.

It comes in the same month that IOSH launched its No Time To Lose campaign, which is aiming to raise awareness of occupational cancers and cut deaths from them.

Fiona Riley, vice-chair of the IOSH Education group, said:

“So many school buildings have asbestos within them and whilst the school may be aware of the requirement to undertake an asbestos survey, they may not have ongoing arrangements in place to manage the presence of asbestos.”

She continued:

“Children should be able to experience a wide range of activities during their time at school and proportionate health and safety measures should help, rather than hinder.”

Meanwhile CLEAPPS, which supports the teaching of science and technology safely in schools, will be delivering a training session to show how to effectively manage the risks associated with teaching the subjects.

Delegates will also hear about dangers posed to people in the leisure industry.

Gary Laird, chair of IOSH’s Fire Risk Management group and a health and safety adviser at Calderdale Council, will address the event on this. He is particularly concerned about the use of barbecues on leisure activities to keep tents warm.

He said:

“There’s an issue of people taking barbecues into tents on the premise that they have gone out but the after-glow will keep the tent warm. Before long they are suffering from headaches and nausea and you are looking at carbon monoxide poisoning.”

He continued:

“We want to let people know about the importance of ensuring barbecues and other such appliances are well serviced to avoid such instances.”

References: IOSH

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  1. Neil

    Thanks for this article, there is lots of useful information.
    Asbestos is schools is a growing issue with 75% of schools in the UK present with asbestos. Many schools do not provide their staff with asbestos awareness training, they do not have effective asbestos management plans.


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