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RSPH Certificate for Asbestos Analysts (Air)

This course and exam is for those wishing to obtain a formal asbestos analytical qualification for air sampling and clearance testing, we have also made some pre-reading material available to download for those interested in taking the course. asbestos

Fast Results: fast turnaround time for results and certificates.

Quality Locations: courses are held across the country at our training centres which cover Scotland, the North, Midlands and Southern Regions.

Regular dates: there are several regular dates available for all courses in all regions.

Knowledge: the course instructors have a vast industry knowledge and experience and have been specifically trained to teach these courses.

Industry Specific: the qualifications have been put together for the industry with input from the industry and include in depth elements which were specifically requested by industry.


To provide the theory, practical knowledge and skills required for use of microscopes and fibre counting to WHO rules, air sampling and 4 stage clearance procedures. This course is based around HSG248 Asbestos: The analysts guide for sampling, analysis and clearance procedures. Read more